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They didn't have many women sages in the shtetls of Europe. Of all the villages, Vaysechvoos had the only woman sage. She was also one of the only sages in the shtetl's anti-war movement.

Thursday, August 02, 1990

The Only Hope for Peace Was Born in the Middle East


A long time ago, Susan was brought to her knees (figuratively)by something really scary. No, this was not the police she encountered as a political activist. It wasn't even a person. You guessed it. (I assume the title of this page gave it away.) It was a mouse. And ever since that fateful night her "friends" have give her mouse art collectables. In that tradition, please enjoy our electronic Mice Art Gallery.


As we said, Susan enjoys the art of mice. At her desk at work, she keeps the many pieces of mouse art she has received over the years. This fine graphic is entitled Really Surprised Mouse. We don't really know who made it, but we legally bought it.


Here is a much simpler design of a mouse. The artist wanted to capture the "cuteness" of mice.

This is a much more alternative way of looking at mice. We try to have all types of "mouse styles" represented here.


Our last mouse has much in common with our second. It is going for the similar "cute look." There really isn't much you can do with mouse art. But they're cute. At least, Susan thinks they're cute.

When it comes to mice, Susan will never slip you a Mickey.


"Susan started nursing school at Hunter college and it wasn't until she entered nursing school that she discovered she couldn't stand the sight of blood."

"If you found a lady's coat or jacket in your house and Susan visited there…it's probably hers. She's lost more coats than she's lived years."

"Her favorite artist is Marc Chagall. He gave her permission to use his paintings to illustrate issues. After he died his heirs wouldn't allow permission."

"Susan Perlman hands out tracts, writes postcards, and smiles more rapidly than anyone else in Jews for Jesus."

"Usually she dresses smart-casual, medium-casual, and occassionally shlep-casual."

"Sometimes she eats crackers/cookies in bed and always regrets it."

"Her favorite saying: 'I will do it.'"

"She sometimes writes tracts and signs other people's names on them."

"No matter where in the country she is, she reads the New York Times for her daily newspaper."

"She doesn't watch much television but enjoys Jeopardy where she almost always knows all of the answers."

"When she throws a party it's really fun. She provides at least three times as much food as they can eat. She never eats at her own parties."

"Her Uncle Guttel was her mentor in helping her understand Jewishness. He provided her with several hundred books…He was a Jewish community worker for the Jewish National Fund."

"Susan wears size 6 1/2 shoes, sometimes 7, and is willing to try on lost, crystal slippers if they are presented by the right person."

Susan doesn't sleep. The number of hours she's lived adds up to 120 years.


Favorite Articles Written: Whose Earth Are We Ruining; Is There Hope for Peace?; Y'shua Let's Clear Things Up; If You Want Life, Expect Pain; Hanukkah the Light of Two Faiths; When Jews Were Proselytizers

Favorite Broadsides Written: If Jesus is the Messiah, Why?; Jews Should Believe in Jesus NOT; Beavis & Butthead; The Only Hope For Peace; On the first night of Christmas my rabbi gave to me…

Favorite Ancient Writers: Moses, Isaiah, Paul

Favorite Contemporary Writers: C.S. Lewis, Chaim Potok

How can you believe in Jesus and still remain a Jew? I can't be anything other than a Jew. I am part of a people, even if many of my people choose to dissassociate with me. My grandparents were from the same shtetls in Europe as other Jews. My parents were as observant or non-observant as other New York Jewish families. It's true that I was raised to believe that Jesus was not part of the "Jewish experience." But Jesus became part of my experience and as a result I find it possible to be both Jewish and Christian. I still don't have a Christmas tree in my home and I don't hunt for Easter eggs. But my Jewish celebrations have been expanded to include the New Testament teachings as well. What do you mean? When I have a seder, I incorporate the belief that Jesus is the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world. When I fast on Yom Kippur I do so with the knowledge that my name is already written into the Book of Life- the Lamb's book of life.

Who on the pages of the Bible, would you especially like to meet? I'd like to talk to Moses and find out what leadership principles he felt were most important. I'd like to talk to Deborah and find out how she handled the gender criticism that inevitably came her way. I'd love to meet Barnabus in the New Testament and get some tips on how to be an encourager of others.

What places in the world have you not visited? Central Africa, China, South America, Antarctica, but I'm open to invitations!


Name: Susan Perlman

Date and Place of Birth:

  • December 29, 1950 in Beth El Hospital of Brooklyn, NY


  • Parents: The late Phil Perlman, Pearl Simonowitz Perlman
  • Sister: Sheila (married to Dave)
  • Sister: Pauline (married to Jock, son, Phil)


  • First Assistant to the Executive Director-Jews for Jesus
  • Bible teacher at Spring Harvest conferences-UK, Jews for Jesus Ingatherings, U.S. & UK.
  • Presenter at Lausanne Consultation on Jewish Evangelism national and international conferences.
  • Editor of Issues: A Messianic Jewish Perspective
  • Coordinator of Jews for Jesus Secular Media campaigns
  • Former President, IFMA Board (Interdenominational Foreign Missions Association) Wheaton, IL
  • Editorial Board Member (Evangelical Missions Quarterly) Chicago,IL
  • Member of Council of Reference (Musalaha- Ministry of Reconciliation between Jews and Arabs), Jerusalem
  • Board Member—Jews for Jesus US & European boards
  • Board Member—Dallas Theological Seminary


  • Numerous Jews for Jesus booklets, broadsides and articles
  • Regular contributor to the Encounter With God series from Scripture Union in Britain.
  • Contributor to the Nelson Study Bible.
  • Articles in Christianity Today, Moody Monthly, Charisma
  • Interviewed by Sally Jesse Raphael, People Are Talking, New York Times, Jewish Telegraphic Agency, Religion News Service, Boston Jewish Advocate, etc.

Academic Background and Important Recognitions:

  • Studied Communications at Hunter College in NYC
  • Came in second in a chopped liver contest.
  • Performed the weddings of both my sisters (June 1986, August 1996)

Jewish Background:

  • Grandparents are from the shtetls of Europe (my father's family was from Pinsk, my mother's family was from Minsk).
  • She had an ordinary New York Jewish experience growing up.